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Voltage tester for flooded electrical systems

DSP-HW 2 for flooded installations

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This voltage tester is a special test tool for warning of dangerous voltage in flooded electrical systems, shafts, basements and industrial plants.

In the case of flooded basements, feed-in from house connections or industrial plants can cause life-threatening voltage in the water many meters away from the connection point. If the fuse elements are flooded, they can no longer offer protection. Feeds from solar systems or storage devices can be live even when the utility fuse is switched off. In flooded cellars, the water can be very dangerous. In flooded maintenance shafts, faulty insulation in connections and sleeves can cause life-threatening tensions in the water many meters away from the fault location.

Due to its structure, the DSP-HW 2 is suitable for a wide variety of test tasks:

  • Checking banisters and similar objects protruding into the water
  • Check the water in the flooded areas
  • Check the water while installing a pump
  • Checking flooded maintenance shafts
  • Check residual water after the water level has dropped to a few centimeters

Its waterproof housing enables use under harsh working conditions.
Thanks to its two display systems (LED and LCD), the DSP-HW 2 is easy to read in any environmental condition.
Its continuous function monitoring and the integrated self-test offer maximum security.

Compliant with standards:

  • fulfills the requirements of the professional association GS-ET 43 “voltage tester water”
  • meets the requirements of the accident prevention regulation fire brigades GUV-V C53
  • CE compliant: Low Voltage Directive 2014/35 / EU | EMC Directive 2014/30 / EU | ROHS Directive 2011/65 / EU | WEEE directive 2012/19 / EU
  • surge voltage resistance according to EN / IEC 60071
  • voltage limits AC 25 V / DC 40 V according to GS-ET 43 “voltage tester water”

Field of application:

  • optimized for use in flooded electrical systems and flooded maintenance shafts
  • can be used by laypersons (short training required)
  • simple and quick handling
  • versatile use by testing with or without a handle and sensor ball

Voltage tester:

  • clear LED indication for dangerous voltage red / green
  • warning and display of the voltage 25 V to 1000 V / 40 V to 1500 V DC
  • voltage proof – CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V
  • illuminated display


  • integrated self-test to check the display, battery, connection cable and grounding
  • RDY to indicate operational readiness
  • constant self-monitoring

More functions:

  • stable housing with impact-resistant display cover
  • 30 m long earthing line to reach every location
  • insulation fault detection due to two-color cable insulation
  • IP 65 – waterproof display

Technical data

Nominal voltage 12 - 1000 V AC
12 - 1500 V DC
Dispaly range 12 - 1000 V AC
12 - 1500 V DC
Field of applicationflooded cellars and electrical systems

flooded maintenance shafts

objects protruding into the water such as banisters

testing the line, earthing and measuring electronic

additional constant self-test of software and measurement electronic
Voltage warning by red / green LEDyes
Voltage warning by LCDyes
acoustic voltage indicationno
FrequencyDC / 15 - 500 Hz
Power supply 9 V battery with
multistage battery indicator
Overvoltage category CAT IV 600 V
Protection category IP 65, waterproof
Standardprofessional association „voltage tester water“ GS-ET-43
based on EN/IEC 61243-3:2014 + Cor.: 2015

accident prevention regulation fire brigades GUV-V C53

DIN VDE 0100-410 (IEC 60364-4-41)
„Protection for safety - Protection against electric shock“ for voltage limits

Surge voltage resistance EN/IEC 60071

CE conformity
low voltage - directive 2014/35/EU
EMV-requirements DIN-EN 61326 / directive 2014/30/EU
ROHS-directive 2011/65/EU
WEEE-directive 2012/19/EU
Scope of deliveryVoltage tester MultiSafe DSP-HW 2 with 30 m connection line and clamp on reel 12...1000 V AC / 1500 V DC, handgrip with ball electrode for probing or immersion in water
Bag for storageno
Packed Product
Dimensions and weight
330 x 200 x 240 mm

2500 g