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Digital voltage tester 0,01 - 1500 V for industry and power industry

MultiSafe DSP 4

 173,00 193,00

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The MultiSafe DSP 4 is a safe, easy-to-use testing tool for all sectors of industry and power engineering.

A versatile, robust and completely safe voltage tester with multimeter precision. Protective resistors directly behind both test electrodes offer maximum safety against surge voltage. The MultiSafe turns itself on / off automatically.

Voltage tester:

  • precise display of the voltage 1 V up to 1200 V AC / 0,01 up to 1500 V DC
  • resistant to voltage – CAT IV 600 V – VDE certified
  • clear LED indicator for dangerous voltage
  • hold the measured value with the HOLD key
  • large illuminated display

Continuity tester:

  • continuity test with sound
  • resistance measurement in the range of 0,1 kOhm to 2000 kOhm
  • green LED for continuity

Phase and phase sequence tester:

  • phase tester with display “POL”
  • phase sequence tester with LED display left / right
  • phase and phase sequence tests can also be performed with insulating gloves
  • additional phase sequence testing without ground reference for IT power grids

More functions:

  • ST-version slim test electrodes for tight terminal blocks
  • easy operation
  • insulation fault detection by two-color cable insulation
  • IP 65 – waterproof

Technical data

Nominal voltage24 - 1000 V AC
24 - 1500 V DC
Dispaly range1 - 1200 V AC
0,03 - 1500 V DC
Resistance measurement0,1 - 2000 kOhm
Continuity tester with soundyes
FrequencyDC / 15 - 10 000 Hz
Single pole outer conductor test (Phase)yes
Phase sequence testingyes
Power supply1 x 9 V
Overvoltage categoryCAT IV 600 V
CAT III 1000 V

IEC 60664-1 (VDE 0110)
Protection categoryIP 65
VDE GS certification in accordance with IEC 61243-3yes
Measuring point illuminationno
Additional load and 30 mA RCD-tripping no
Phase sequence test for IT power grids without ground referencenoyesnoyes
Adjustable electrode length 4 or 15 mmnonoyesyes
Dimensions and weight275 x 89 x 35 mm
(hand grip and display part)

240 x 62 x 39 mm
(display part)

270 g
Packed Product
Dimensions and weight
300 x 100 x 50 mm

360 g




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