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Prüfball SPB analogue

 153,00 212,00

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NEW: Directly displaying measuring mechanism without buttons

Its unique rubber housing encapsulates the measuring system like a ball and optimally protects against hard impacts, water, dust and electric shock. This makes the voltage tester indestructible, safe and durable.

The Püfball SPB is a rubber-encapsulated voltage tester for safe use in power supply – accurate, robust and maintenance-free.

Voltage tester:

  • precise display of the voltage 20 – 500 V AC/DC / 50 V – 1000 V AC/DC
  • extremely resistant to voltage – CAT IV 1000 V – VDE certified
  • clear LED indicator for dangerous voltage
  • load connection for interference voltages and RCD tripping
  • full voltage indication without battery – maintenance free
  • precise, interference-free moving coil measuring unit with direct display

Continuity tester:

  • fast continuity test

Phase and phase sequence tester:

  • phase tester with red LED indicator
  • rotating field tester with LED display left / right
  • controller-monitored test with error detection to avoid false indications
  • phase and phase sequence tests can also be performed with insulating gloves

More functions:

  • safety housing made of solid rubber extremely shockproof
  • test electrodes with thread for screwing on accessories
  • easy operation
  • insulation fault detection by two-color cable insulation
  • extremely stable housing, even in cold environment
  • IP 65 – waterproof

Technical data

Nominal voltage50 - 500 V AC / DC50 - 1000 V AC / DC
Dispaly range20 - 500 V AC / DC50 - 1000 V AC / DC
Continuity measurementno
Continuity testeryes
Continuity tester with soundno
FrequencyDC / 15 - 500 Hz
Single pole outer conductor test (Phase)yes
Phase sequence testyes
Phase sequence test for IT-power grids without earth potentialno
Power supplymaintenance-free - voltage test without battery,
continuity test with Long-Life lithium battery
Overvoltage categoryCAT IV 500 VCAT IV 1000V
Protection categoryIP 65
VDE GS certification in accordance with IEC 61243-3yes
Measuring point illuminationno
Additional load and 30 mA RCD-trippingnoyesyesnoyes
Load indication by-vibrationacoustic >57dB-vibration
Adjustable electrode length 4 or 15 mmyes, by protective cap
Dimensions and weight
274 x 75 x 47 mm
(display part)

420 g
Packed Product
Dimensions and weight
315 x 105 x 60 mm

470 g




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