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Voltage tester for 3rd-rail

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This special voltage tester is a special tool for testing on covered busbars in subway systems.

Due to the solid rubber housing, the tester is very robust and ideal for rough working conditions. Its two display systems, analogue meter and LED provide a safe indication in any environment. With its additional green LED, the self-test is easy to read in any environment.

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Field of application:

  • optimized for use with subways and trains with 3rd-rail busbars
  • easier and safer handling by extension and contact magnet
  • maintenance-free thanks to integrated longlife battery for self-test

Voltage tester:

  • precise display of the voltage 50 V – 1000 V AC/DC
  • extremely resistant to voltage – CAT IV 1000 V – VDE certified
  • clear LED indicator for dangerous voltage
  • load connection to determine interference voltages
  • full voltage indication without battery – maintenance free
  • large LCD display with backlight


  • integrated self-test with green LED for quick checking of the display, connection cable and ground connection

More functions:

  • safety housing made of solid rubber extremely shockproof
  • test electrodes with thread for screwing on accessories
  • easy operation
  • insulation fault detection by two-color cable insulation
  • extremely stable housing, even in cold environment
  • IP 65 – waterproof

Technical data

SPB 1000L-UB-SSPB 1000L-UB-S
+ extension
SPB 1000L-UB-S
+ extension
+ magnet
Nominal voltage 50 - 1000 V AC / DC
Dispaly range 50 - 1000 V AC / DC
Field of applicationtest as a compact voltage tester without accessories

improved safety distance with mounted extension, optimized for tests on the 3rd-rail power busbar.improved safety distance with mounted extension, optimized for tests on the 3rd-rail power busbar.
Due to the mounted magnet contact the work on the 3rd-rail can even be more focused.
scope of deliveryonly SPB voltage testeronly extension, screwable
SPB-S-400-O or

SPB voltage tester has to be ordered separate
only magnet

SPB voltage tester and extension has to be ordered separate
additional load to determine interference voltagesyes
Adjustable electrode length 4 or 15 mmyes, by protective capnot adjustable O-shaped electrode on the extension
Self-test for display and ground connectionyes
FrequencyDC / 15 - 2 000 Hz
Single pole outer conductor test (Phase)no
Phase sequence testno
Power supplymaintenance-free - voltage test without battery,
self-test with Long-Life lithium battery
Overvoltage categoryCAT IV 1000 V
Protection categoryIP 65
VDE GS certification in accordance with IEC 61243-3ja
Art.-No.8139181094 (400 mm) or 81093 (500 mm)81095
Dimensions and weight
274 x 75 x 47 mm

400 g
450 x 60 x 20 mm or
550 x 60 x 20 mm

85 g or
90 g
180 x 110 x 40 mm

125 g
Packed Product
Dimensions and weight
315 x 105 x 60 mm

470 g



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